At the November 15th, 2016 annual meeting, the following members were voted on to the Board of Directors:

Dylan Dragswiek (parent member) - elected to a 3 year term
Linda Garrity (parent member) - elected to a 3 year term
Carolyn Fritz (community member) - elected to a 3 year term
Anna Brown (educator) - elected to a 2 year term

Officers were also elected:

Chairperson: Alyssa Hedstrom
Vice-Chairperson:  Lee Stewart
Treasurer:  Mike Carlson
Secretary:  Suzy Schweig

Meet the Board of GES


Alyssa Hedstrom :: Parent

Alyssa grew up in Grand Marais, returning in 2004 to practice dentistry and raise her family with her husband Jonathan.  Alyssa has been inspired about the education experience GES provides and is excited to give back and get involved through the GES board.
Term Ends: 2018

Vice Chairperson

Lee Stewart:: Community Member

Lee enjoys being newly retired!
Term Ends: 2018 


Suzy Schweig :: Educator

Suzy is from St. Louis, Missouri and spent 10 summers working as a wilderness ranger in the BWCAW before moving here 15 years ago. She is one of the founding members of Great Expectations School.  She has lots of stories to tell about those early days!  This is Suzy's 28th year of teaching and she is currently the educator for the Wolves (3rd/4th grades).
Term Ends: 2017


Mike Carlson :: Community Member

Mike taught junior high math out of college for 13 years, then was in Apple computer sales and a consultant. For the past 15 years he has been a community volunteer on a variety of boards. Mike is widowed and has lived in Croftville since 1997.
Term Ends: 2017

Member At Large

Anna Brown :: Educator

Anna grew up in Brownsville, Texas and came to Grand Marais in 2014 to live with her husband Josh.  She is the educator in the Lynx (5th & 6th) Classroom at GES and also sponsors a young author's group called The Moonbeam Consortium.  Anna is glad to be a part of the GES community and is looking forward to her new role as a board member.
Term Ends: 2018

Member At Large

Dylan Dragswiek:: Parent

Dylan recently moved to Grand Marais and has a Kindergartener at GES.
Term Ends: 2019

Member At Large

Linda Garrity :: Parent

Linda and her daughter, Sammie, moved into Cook County in May of 2009.  Linda has been a realtor for over 20 years and is currently an agent with Red Pine Realty.  She also has a property management business and is additionally the owner/ operator of Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery & Cottages.  She is truly looking forward to being a board member at GES.
Term Ends: 2019

Member At Large

Carolyn Fritz :: Community Member

Carolyn has lived in Grand Marais for 6 years and is the Communications Manager at North House Folk School. Carolyn worked as a paraprofessional at GES for a couple of years and is excited to be involved in the school again!
Term Ends: 2019


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