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October 4

Weekly Recap
In Math we reviewed and practiced rounding to estimate large numbers.  We also started our Friday individual conference routine.  I met briefly with each student to talk about progress and challenges from the week.  I looked through their work from their math choices and together we set a goal for the next week.  Students also spent time reflection on the week and their mathematical knowledge in writing. 
We started learning about the first people that inhabited America with a broad overview of the Ice Age and Stone Age.  We discussed the Land Bridge Theory that suggests the first humans traveled from Asia to North America via a bridge of land. 
Amy Henrikson joined out class this week to introduce ebackpack, a cloud storage program that we will use to store student work online.  Because documents are stored online instead of on a jump drive, they are accessible on any device connected to the internet.
Looking Ahead to Next Week
In math we will explore the order of operations with problems and examples that involve multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, exponents, and parenthesis.

In social studies, we will define the multiple intelligences with examples of skills and products that reflect each kind of smart.  The students will meet in mixed groups to brainstorm questions about a group of First Americans that will guide their research.

During morning meeting we will begin exploring Spanish.  We will start by looking for and using cognates, words that look similar in Spanish and English and have the same meaning. 

Mark Your Calendars
  • October 10, 11, 15: Goal-Setting Conferences.  Please sign up online for a conference.  I look forward to meeting with each family!
  • October 16: Book Orders Due  


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