Great Expectations Foundation

The purpose of Great Expectations Foundation (GEF) is to provide leadership support, financial support, and community support to Great Expectations School.  It is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Minnesota.

The Foundation is dedicated to supporting GES: it is a fundraising entity that also holds the mortgage for the school.  It raises money to support development of educators and staff, learning opportunities for students, and facility needs.

We are actively recruiting Foundation Board members for this year.  The Board typically meets 6 times per year.  The Board manages the mortgage for the school building, develops and maintains a fund for long-term building maintenance, and raises money for the school.  If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact the Foundation Board Chairperson. 

GEF Board Members:

Chair: Jeff Kern
  • email:
  • Term Ends: December 2020
Vice Chair: Brienne Moody
  • email:
  • Term Ends: June 2018
Secretary & Building CommitteeJustin Pszwaro
  •  email:
  • Term Ends: June 2018
Treasurer: Karen Blackburn
  • email:
  • Term Ends: December 2017
Member at Large:  Jane Asey - Fundraising Committee
  • email:  
  • Term Ends:  October 2018
Liaison from Great Expectations School Board: Peter James

Many thanks to past Board Members:

Patty Nordahl

Beth Kennedy
Deb Mueller
Maria Carlson
Thelma Hedstrom
Nina Simonowicz
Michael Garry
Amy James
Beth Ferry
Hartley Newell-Acero
Kristin Blomberg
Erica Hahn
Jan Healy
Brienne Moody

Donations to Great Expectations Foundation can be sent to:

Great Expectations Foundation
PO Box 310
Grand Marais, MN 55604

Or (look for G.E.F.)

Or write a check to Great Expectations Foundation and drop it off at the School’s front desk.

Thank You!

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