The Bear Cubs

I hope your dreams take you to the corner of your smiles,
to the highest of your hopes,
to the windows of your opportunities,
and to the most special place your heart has ever known.
-Author Unknown-

Starting school is a big deal for parents and for children. At GES we try and make that transition a joyful one. The year in the Bear Cub classroom is a year of tremendous and wondrous growth. It's so much fun to watch the many changes that take place. The very shy child who finally chooses to participate in sharing, the outgoing child who learns that not everyone shares her opinion and it's important to listen to others. The child who didn't know how to pump a swing but now is incredibly proud of himself because he can make the swing move all by himself, and the child who wants to read so much that they cant wait until they put that first word together.  

The Bear Cubs classroom is made up of up to 16 kindergarteners. The classrooms create an enviroment where the Bear Cubs learn from each other and also teach each other. It can be seen every day when they are asking their tablemates how to do a math problem or how to sound out a word.

We start out the year in the Bear Cub classroom talking about our hopes and dreams for the year and then writing those down. Some of the hopes and dreams they have shared are, learning how to read and write better, learning how to play on every piece of playground equipment, learning about dinosaurs, learning how to be a princess, and learning about pirates.

The Bear Cubs then work together as a class to establish the rules for the classroom. This sets the groundwork for a successful year of learning and growing together.


Bear Cubs Educator: Anne Mundell

Anne grew up in Northfield, Minnesota and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in Elementary Education and Spanish.  She taught in Roseville, Minnetonka, and in rural Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer before moving to the North Shore.  Anne taught in the Lynx for three years before becoming a Bear Cubs teacher.  She is thrilled to be working with kindergartners!  If her free time, she loves hiking with her family, crafting, and cooking.  She is excited for her own children to become part of the GES community.


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